How to do a barrel roll 20 times on Google? Understanding This new trend in Depth

do a barrel roll 20 times
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Players have been enjoying themselves for decades with the time-honored game known as Do a Barrel Roll 20 times. Because of its one-of-a-kind control method and its difficult gameplay, this game has become a fan favourite among players of all ages. The gameplay of Do a Barrel Roll consists on the player avoiding oncoming assaults by completing barrel rolls while navigating through a maze filled with adversaries and other obstacles. The objective of the game is to stay alive for the longest amount of time possible and amass the biggest score possible.

Do a Barrel Roll 20 times

The actual act of doing the barrel roll manoeuvre is one of the more difficult components of the Do a Barrel Roll activity. To do a barrel roll, players must rotate their character while they are in mid-air by tilting their device or using the arrow buttons on their keyboard. The manoeuvre is critical to one’s success in the game, despite the fact that it might be difficult to perfect. Players who are able to execute the barrel roll with both accuracy and speed have a greater chance of avoiding obstacles and staying alive for a longer period of time.

Players should strive to do a Barrel Roll 20 times before considering themselves true masters of the game. This calls for a great degree of talent in addition to concentration and fast reactions. Players accomplishing this feat regard as elite performers. They often find themselves as object of jealousy from their contemporaries. However, acquiring this level of ability requires patience and practice.

The player may enhance their barrel rolling abilities and raise their chances of obtaining the 20-barrel roll milestone. They do this by making use of a variety of hints and strategies that are available to them. These include engaging in consistent practise, keeping your attention fixed on the road ahead, practising patience, and having faith in your innate abilities. Anyone may achieve mastery of the art of barrel rolling in Do a Barrel Roll. Further, reach the coveted 20-barrel roll milestone if they put in the necessary amount of effort and perseverance.

HOW-TO: Do a Barrel Roll on Google 20 times, then 100 times, then 1000 times, then 10000 times

Google has an easter egg known as the barrel roll. It will spin your search results many times and rotate them around a full 360 degrees. Yes, Google developed the feature. However, the idea originated from the video game “Star Fox,” which Nintendo released in 1977. In the game, a space rabbit gave Fox McCloud the instruction to conduct a barrel roll.

In 2011, a software developer came up with the idea of basing an Easter Egg on this principle in order to amuse users. When you do a search using the words “do a Google barrel,” the page that displays the results will rotate, producing an entertaining visual effect. Even while Google devotees may be familiar with this function already. It still has the potential to make a big impression on first-time users.

The act of completing a barrel roll has gained such broad popularity that internet users have even developed memes based on the move. If you’re a Google user, you may find interest in discovering fascinating features like the one demonstrated here. It’s possible that a lot of people will want to do a Google barrel roll for 20, 100, or perhaps 1000 times or more. Please read the directions down below if you find interest in knowing how to accomplish it.

  • Launch the web browser installed on your device.
  • Go to Google.come on your web browser.
  • You go to the search page for Google at this time.
  • You may try your luck by clicking the “I’m feeling lucky” button. Do it after entering the words Do a barrel roll 20 times into the search area.

You are about to be sent to Elgoog, which is the website dedicated to Google’s Easter eggs.

Following the methods outlined above will result in one rotation being performed on your Google page. But what if you wish to spin the page twenty, one hundred, one thousand, or even ten thousand times? Utilising the specific buttons provided on the Elgoog website is the quickest and easiest method. You may also do this by searching for the required number of revolutions using the phrase “Do a barrel roll.” This is an alternative method.

To rotate your Google page twenty times, for instance, you may either use the “20 times” option on Elgoog’s website (step 5) or, in step 4, search for “Do a barrel roll” with the words “20 times.” Both of these options will allow you to accomplish your goal. In addition, you may repeat this process one hundred, one thousand, or even ten thousand times.

Tricks and Tips for Playing the Barrel Roll Game

The gameplay of the game is notorious for being difficult. It’s unconventional control system demands players to make barrel rolls in order to avoid being hit by objects. Continue reading for some pointers and suggestions on how to do a barrel roll at least 20 times. You should do if you want to develop your talents in this game.

1. Remember that practise makes perfect

Practise is the first thing you should do if you want to improve your barrel rolling talents. If you continue to engage in gameplay, you will gradually improve your ability to execute Barrel Rolls. The secret to being an expert at the game is to train your muscles. Why? So that you can do the Barrel Rolls automatically without having to think about what you are doing.

2. Always Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

In order to complete 20 Barrel Rolls, you will need to keep your attention fixed on the reward. This is also the objective of the game. This indicates that you should direct your attention on the course that is ahead of you. Rather than the challenges that lie in your path.

3. Trust on your own common sense.

Last but not least, while playing Do a Barrel Roll, you have to have faith in your innate abilities. Because the game is meant to be played at a rapid speed, you won’t have time to carefully consider each action you make. You won’t find any written instructions for this game, so you’ll have to depend on your gut feelings to get you through it. If you follow your instincts, you’ll be able to do a barrel roll 20 or more times in no time at all.


Do a barrel roll 20 times is a time-honored game that provides players with a one-of-a-kind and difficult gaming experience. If you want to become more skilled at the game and complete a Barrel Roll at least 20 times, then the hints and suggestions that were shown above might assist you in accomplishing your objective. You will be able to master this game if you put in the necessary amount of practise, patience, concentration, and trust in your instincts. To summarise, Do a Barrel Roll is a game that was developed by Google and is loved by a significant number of players.


Is Google’s barrel roll intentional?

 Google’s “Barrel Roll” easter egg is a winking reference to a catchphrase from Star Fox 64. It’s a fun way to show off Google’s quirky personality and sense of humour.

Is a barrel roll possible on a mobile device?

The barrel roll secret feature is mobile-friendly, so go ahead and try it out. The Google search app or mobile browser will spin the results page if you type “do a barrel roll” into the search field.

Do you know of any additional Easter eggs or secret functions in Google?

It’s true that Google often surprises and delights its consumers with a wide variety of Easter eggs and other hidden features. The terms “askew,” “Zerg rush,” and “Google in 1998,” among others, all bring up special animations or interactive features.

Do all web browsers support the barrel roll Easter egg?

The Easter egg barrel roll should function on all contemporary browsers that can access Google. However, browsers and settings may affect how Easter eggs behave in some situations.

Is there a way to stop the Easter egg from doing the barrel roll?

Google’s “barrel roll” Easter egg cannot be turned off or disabled in any official capacity. If you don’t want to view the animation and you stumble onto it by accident, don’t look for the words “do a barrel roll”.