How Did Squidward Die- The Latest TikTok Trend [2023 UPDATED]

How Did Squidward Die

If you are a 90’s kid, the show Spongebob Square pants are one that you can not have seen. The fun, humorous and often edgy show lasted a total of 13 seasons on the Nickelodeon channel. Although on the outside, the show seemed mellow, there are several horrifying stories that have been doing the round of the internet long after the show’s final episode. How did Squidward die is one of the latest trends that has taken the internet by storm and everyone has their own explanation for it.

Squidward appeared as a much more mature character on the show, voiced by Rodger Bumpass and created by a marine biologist by the name of Stephen Hillenburg. Today, we try to unravel the growing trend — how did Squidward die? And understand our favourite character from the most popular show a little in depth. Buckle up and let’s begin this journey!

Sponge bob and Squidward’s Characters in the show

In the show, Squidward had a kind of love-hate relationship with Spongebob. Where, on one hand, everyone adored the fanatics of Spongebob, Squidward found it interrupting and irritating at times. But, as a cheerful character, Spongebob never gave up and always used to find ways to involve Squidward in his shenanigans.

Squidward himself had quite a bit of talent under his belts. Where he painted, played music and even dedicated a lot of time towards his work. In episodes like Naughty Nautical Neighbors Squidward is also shown to have been quite a chef and cooking from his grandmother’s recipes.

Apart from the general show airings, there were other instances where Squidward was introduced as a stand-alone lead character. One such show aired as a short titled Astrology with Squidward, where he was seen talking about astrology and various characters from the show played varied signs. Ex, Spongebob played Sagittarius and Mr Crabs as Cancer.

Although the show saw a natural end after 13 long seasons, many, from the 90s, who were fascinated with the show, have their own stories to tell and create several memes, gigs and gafs around the characters including Squidward. However, the trend that made everything a little disturbing was the question How did Squidward die? Let’s learn more about it in detail.

How did the Squidward die trend begin?

The origin of the trend can be traced back at least a couple of years when a Youtube Channel by the name of Crepupasta created a long creepy story around the death of Squidward. The story followed that it was one of the interns at Nickelodeon that unknowingly saw an episode of Spongebob Squarepants titled Squidward’s death. Although, the episode was banned for obvious reasons (Spongebob Squarepants was a kid’s show after all) the internal saw the attack and leaked it to the public.

However, people believe that there were a lot of such episodes that didn’t make it to the final screen.. Ao, the creators would often get together and create gags around the unpublished work, just as a mode of fun and creative inside jokes. It is said that the episode is a product of one such rather creepy imagination.

The story goes as follows — One fine morning, Squidward was practising playing the clarinet, when, as usual, Spongbobe came down to irritate him. Squidward quickly shunned him away as this was not his regular practice. It turns out, he was practising to play in a concert later that day.

The concert started and Squidward started to play. But, as with his art, people hated his music and started booing him and laughing at him. This made Squidward very sad. He looked depressed as he sat on his bed and started crying in pain as the camera zoomed on his face. What followed was eerie laughter and a blank screen. When it came back, Squidward was seen crying again and a second of laughter (just audio). Squidward was crying so much that blood poured off his eyes and soon enough, he points a shotgun at his face and blasts it killing him, instantly. There are several depictions of this story on the internet but the original Creepypasta one can no longer be found.

In another episode that aired, titled — SpongeBob in RandomLand, Squidward saw multiple versions of himself, including a red-eyed one (resembling the Squidward from the banned episode). Another episode titled Are You Happy Now shows a depressed Squidward.  However, they censored this episode in various regions and even removed it later on. So, that’s the story of How did Squidward die?

Which animal is Squidward?

Yea, the name suggests that Squidward is a squid. However, contrary to popular belief, Squidward is rather an octopus. It is believed that the creator himself wanted to call the character Octoward. But, after a lot of thinking and discussions, they dropped it as it seemed a little weird. Hence, Squidward Q. Tentacles was the final name given to the character which appeared in 13 seasons and various spinoffs of the Spongebob Squarepants show.

What creates the confusion is his six tentacles instead of eight (as an octopus has eight tentacles). Additionally, it was more of a creative decision than choosing a water animal. The creators have sighted that they performed a much more round head of an octopus than a squid.

Who is Squidward’s brother?

Squidward’s family history has been highlighted in several episodes including one titled Krab Borg. The episode informs that Squidward was born on October 9th to Jeff and Mrs Tentacles. He did his schooling at Bikini Bottom School where he failed to make a lot of friends die due to his grumpy attitude. With all the history laid out, there is no trace of Squidward having a brother in any of the episodes. In other words, Squidward did not have a brother.

What are people saying about the How Did Squidward Die Trend?

While the story is intriguing, the show is a fiction work designed for kids. So, how Squidward died is only fanfiction that came into play and trended because of an internal work made by the designers at Nickelodeon. People can ponder upon it but, the best way to take it is to enjoy the show and the many memes that surround it. For the fans, the Squidward army is still strong and a lot of new material (the majority of which is fun and meme material) is created every day on TikTok. The darkness of the story of How Squidward died is not for everyone and many have ignored it too.

Squidward’s Glory Will Continue

If you love the show and Squidward in particular, you will come across the story of how Squidward died. However, it is not something to ponder upon. Enjoy the reruns of the show and the many spin-offs that still feature Squidward in them. Have fun!

FAQs on Squidward and Spongebob

Is Squidward a squid?

No, Squidward is an octopus despite its six tentacles. It was a creative decision to shape Squidward like an octopus and name him Squidward.

How did Squidward die?

In the show’s 13 seasons, Squidward did not die. However, an unreleased and banned episode featured Squidward committing suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun. That’s the premise of the trend that followed on social media.

How old is Squidward?

Squidward is 44 years old and belongs to the town of Bikini Bottom. He studied at Bikini Bottom School.

Who created the Squidward character?

A marine biologist by the name of Stephen Hillenburg created the character most popularly known as Squidward. Stephen wanted to name the character Octaward but because it sounded too weird, the name was later changed to Squidward.