Is AWS cloud solution architect worth it?

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AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.

It is an Amazon company that offers on-demand cloud computing platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs) to people, businesses, and government agencies on a pay-as-you-go, metered basis. These web services for cloud computing offer distributed computing processing capacity and software tools through the use of AWS server farms.

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform allows you to choose the operating system, programming language, web application platform, database, and other required services. When you use AWS, you will be provided with a virtual environment to load the essential software and services for your application.

As of the year 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) consists of more than 200 different services and products, some of which are computing, networking, database, storage, application services, analytics, management, deployment, machine learning, RobOps, mobile, developer tools, and tools for the IOT.

Now let’s understand who is an AWS cloud architect or what they do.

Who is a Cloud Architect?

A cloud architect is an information technology professional who is accountable for supervising the cloud computing strategy of an organization. This includes making plans to adopt the cloud, designing applications, managing and monitoring cloud resources, etc.

Is AWS Cloud Solution Architect Certification worth it?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure dominate cloud computing players. A job as an AWS Solutions Architect comes with a lot of promise and good pay because Amazon Web Services is currently the cloud computing service provider that serves the most customers worldwide.

Having an AWS certification not only improves the impression of your resume but also increases the chance of getting better wages.

Working for Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Solutions Architect (SA) will require you to use your knowledge and experience by assisting in creating innovative cloud-based solutions and migrating existing workloads to the cloud.

The AWS cloud platform powers many businesses in and around 190 countries, and the average annual salary for AWS-certified Solutions Architects is approximately ₹ 7.8 LPA.

Certified Amazon Web Services professionals have an in-depth understanding of the architectural principles and services offered by Amazon Web Services. They can use the best practices suggested by Amazon to plan, design, and scale AWS cloud implementations.

How to become an AWS Cloud Architect?

AWS offers a certification called the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate that verifies a person’s ability to design and plan AWS solutions suitably for a company. This certification comes directly from AWS.

A certified Architect Solutions Associate has a sufficient understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to foresee what an organization requires from the platform and the ability to design an appropriate architecture building to anticipate possible problems. This is in keeping with the name of the certification. The certification emphasizes designing architectures that can withstand high-performance levels while securing and optimizing costs.

IT professionals who dream to provide creative solutions to an organization considering its “large picture”, should consider earning the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification.

A certified Solutions Architect can identify the requirements of an organization, contemplate the Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and tools that might fulfil those requirements, and design the architecture to make things possible.

The SAA-C02 exam must be passed successfully to earn the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification.

About the SAA-CO2 exam:

The exam is broken up into four major categories, or “Domains,” as AWS refers.

  1. Designing Fault-Tolerant Structures is the First Domain Objective.
  2. The design of High-Performing Architecture is the Subject of the Second Domain.
  3. Designing Secure Architectures and Applications is the Third Domain’s Objective.
  4. The design of Cost-Optimized Architecture is the focus of the fourth domain.

Scalability, resilience, cost, and security are imperative; however, the primary focus of the certification is on the aptitude to consider all these possible factors while designing all-inclusive architectural solutions.

You can expand your knowledge of everything related to AWS in a few different ways, including the following:

Digital training

Anyone interested in AWS can learn about the latest services whenever and wherever it is convenient for them, thanks to online courses that can be accessed on demand.

When it comes to brushing up on your AWS knowledge in your own time and at your own pace, you have various options available.

Numerous third-party training providers offer courses that are designed to assist you in obtaining your certification, in addition to the fact that AWS itself publishes a lot of training and education material on its website. There are a large number of free study guides and other resources available to you online as well.

Training in a classroom setting

This is the best option if you’re looking for something more formal. Get training from instructors who teach your team in a hands-on learning environment, either in-person or virtually, based on your preference.

Learning in this setting is more effective and enjoyable as you interact with other students and trainers and network along with learning. You learn more with your interactions with the experts who are also your trainers if you have enrolled in a good institute.


It is extremely worthwhile to pursue the AWS certifications regardless of whether you are just out of college, a self-taught professional, or a seasoned expert in the field.

You will have a better chance of landing the job of your dreams and be able to negotiate a higher salary if you have an AWS cloud solution architect certification to validate your skillset and knowledge.