10 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Student Life Easier

Kitchen Appliances for Student
Image Source: Unsplash

So, you’ve been accepted into college and are gearing up for your first semester? Understandably, there’s a lot of excitement. You’ll have a new level of freedom as a young adult and get to interact with new people from all over the country and, hopefully, the world.

But first, you have to prepare for life on campus. That means buying essential items to help sustain and keep you comfortable in school. These may include:

  • School supplies 
  • Personal care products 
  • Clothing and laundry supplies
  • Electronics

Another important aspect is kitchen supplies. Having the right essentials will ensure that dorm life isn’t a struggle. You’ll be able to whip up some of your favourite meals and avoid eating out. Keep in mind that you can hire essay writers to help with schoolwork while you prepare your meal. No need to juggle two things simultaneously when you can get a helping hand.

Here’s a list of kitchen gadgets to get while shopping for college supplies. 

Food Processor

A food processor or blender is light and compact, which means you can use it on the go. They tend to be powerful, too, so you don’t have to worry about crushing ice or seeds. They’re perfect for blending fruits and vegetables to make tasty smoothies and maintain a healthy diet. 

Coffee Maker

Coffee provides a nice kick to get you fully awake for those early morning classes. However, expenses from buying coffee on campus can add up quickly. You’d rather get a coffee maker instead. You’ll save money in the long run and always have a cup of coffee ready when you get up for an 8:00 AM class.

Mini Waffle Maker

The great thing about this nifty device is that it can make anything from breakfast to desserts. With the right recipe, you can make waffles, quesadillas, hash browns, pizza, paninis, and many more delightful treats. 

Air Fryer

The great thing about an air fryer is you can make all your favourite fried foods without oil. French fries, chicken wings, tofu, bacon, mozzarella sticks, and a lot more can be air-fried. Whatsmore, it’s a healthy alternative to ordering takeout and eating a ton of greasy food. 

Food Chopper 

Cooking would be much more interesting if prepping ingredients wasn’t tedious. Thankfully, a food chopper can take care of that. It quickly chops vegetables and fruits, making it less of a hassle for you. You can chop and store vegetables or fruits in the fridge and have them ready when you want to cook or make a salad.

Mini Fridge

Whether it’s keeping your drinks chilled or preserving some leftover food, a fridge is essential. Some dorm rooms already have one, while others don’t. It’s good to confirm first before you make the purchase. If there’s none available in the dorm, it’s best to get one. 


Storing food is only part of the equation. The other half is how to reheat it. Thus, a microwave is great for your dorm room. It’s especially useful if it’s too late at night to get food from the cafeteria and you need to eat something. You can quickly reheat your leftover pizza and get back to watching a movie or studying. There are many microwave sizes to choose from, and you can get one that’s small enough to fit your space. 

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle really comes in handy when you need a hot cup of cocoa or tea. More so, when you’re not in the mood to cook a full meal and are content with instant noodles. Since it can be a hazard, ensure it has a concealed heating element and an auto-off feature to comply with school regulations. 

Egg Cooker

Getting a full nutritious breakfast in college is next to impossible. At least not on a consistent basis. Students often have to contend with the basics. Fortunately, an egg cooker can ensure you have a nutritious meal more often. Most egg cookers can make six eggs at once, either hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached. Some can even make scrambled eggs. So, you’ll have plenty of options.

Instant Pot

Instant pots are extremely versatile and beneficial in almost every situation. This makes them highly suitable for dorm rooms. You can make rice, whole chicken, ribs, mac and cheese, soups, and even bake a cake or bread. The possibilities are endless, and the great thing is you don’t have to worry about using a ton of utensils. Therefore, you won’t have much to clean up after. 


Staying on campus is great for the college experience. However, it’s important to be well prepared and know the items you’ll need. While there might be an emphasis on school and dorm supplies, it’s best to remember that kitchen supplies are just as important. Use the checklist outlined above to help you make the right purchase when shopping for supplies.